From The Heart of Pastor Shane (August 12, 2019)

Today there is a generation being brought up who feel that they have a sense of entitlement, where everything they need or want is owed to them.  The idea is that many people feel like when they don’t get what they want that they have been treated unfairly.  From a biblical perspective, it is clear that this type of attitude is a heart condition and it is primarily due to pride, which is a sin.  Proverbs 16:18 proclaims, “Pride goes before destruction, and hautiness before a fall.”

In today’s society people say things like, “Why should I work for what I can get for free?”  The problem is that this mentality continues to be passed down generation after generation and the devil is using it as a tool to cause continual sin to infiltrate from generation to generation. 

I cannot tell you how many experiences I have experienced as a Pastor, where people seemed so unappreciative and an attitude that people or the church owed them something.  Entitlement is being displayed on billboards and through television media outlets, including the internet and statements such as “you’ve earned it and deserve it, therefore you ought to have it” is being fed to the people.

Entitlement creates a self-centered, inward focused person.  When this happens we feel like we don’t deserve to say “thank you,” or “you’re welcome” when we get what we want.  God and even the people who care about us become reduced to someone who helps us get what we feel we are entitled to.

A sense of entitlement is not an attribute of God.  As a matter of fact, God doesn’t owe us anything and we don’t deserve anything.  The good news is that although God owes us nothing, out of His awesome love, He gives us what we need and even many things we desire in life, but He is not entitled to do that.

When we live with a sense of entitlement, we fall into a devilish trap where gratitude and thanksgiving are replaced with pride and envy.  Do you show appreciation and gratitude for friends, church family, and the blessings that God has placed in your life?

Romans 1:21  “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.”

~Pastor Shane

Disclaimer: Pastor Shane's devotions are written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God and are never intended to be directed toward any one individual or group or any particular situation. These daily devotions are sent to thousands of subscribers through different mediums and is intended to proclaim truths from the Word of God. Thank you for taking the time to read and please continue to pray for wisdom as Pastor Shane's heart is to write in a spirit of love and to bring life application for every day living to those who are reading. ~Blessings!