Dangerous Decisions!

From The Heart of Pastor Shane (August 15, 2019)

Everyone of us make decisions everyday of our lives.   We make decisions to go to work, to go to church, to get married, to have children, to go to college.  We all make the decision to follow Jesus or not.  We make the decision to get baptized or not.  We decide that we are okay as we are.  We decide to get involved or not.

In Genesis chapter 13:5-13 we read a story about a man named Lot who made a lot of decisions that caused destruction to many peoples lives including the lives of the people that Lot loved.  It may be hard to envision, but Lot was a righteous man and he was a saved man.  Lot got saved by faith just like we are today, but during the time in Lot’s life, the Lord did not provide the same sacrifice or grace that you and I have today.  I must believe that Lot was a born again Christian, because God’s Word says that Lot was “Just” and “righteous” which means that he kept God’s law.

The point of today’s devotion is that we never know what our decisions may bring.  Every person on planet earth has decisions to make.  Lot had a choice to make.  When he noticed the tall grass was pointing toward Sodom, he knew that was where he wanted to go.  Lot did not base his decision on the fact that the people of Sodom were so wicked, but on the fact that the tall grass and plush plains he could see.

We all make decision on what is best for us without ever considering the consequences.  The question today is, where will the choices and decisions you make take you?  Will they bring you closer to the Lord?  Will they take you to heaven or hell?  The Bible says that “Lot had vexed his righteous soul.”  That says that he was tormented by the decisions he made.  In life you can make a dangerous decision or let the Lord have His way.  Amen!

~Pastor Shane

Disclaimer: Pastor Shane's devotions are written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God and are never intended to be directed toward any one individual or group or any particular situation. These daily devotions are sent to thousands of subscribers through different mediums and is intended to proclaim truths from the Word of God. Thank you for taking the time to read and please continue to pray for wisdom as Pastor Shane's heart is to write in a spirit of love and to bring life application for every day living to those who are reading. ~Blessings!