Celebrating Your Salvation!

From The Heart of Pastor Shane (January 17, 2019)

Many people go through each day of life and don’t even give a first thought to their salvation in Jesus.  The very first words we read in the Bible are the words, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1).  When we were born…that was our beginning on this planet. When we were saved, that was the beginning of a new life and we became “Christians.”

Most people want to experience life to the fullest, but many have given up.  Many people are looking in the wrong places.  Some people think only of the present life and they ignore the teaching of 2 Corinthians where the Bible says: “the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.  If we want to celebrate our salvation, we must look beyond the present.

When was the last time that you shared your personal testimony with another person?  When was the last time you celebrated what God did to save you?  Take some time out this week to ask someone who you work with, play with, or live with if they have experienced a new life in Christ.  Not everyone you ask will be ready to invite Jesus into their life.  Encourage that person by letting them know that you do not have to be present when they give their life to Jesus.  Pray for this person before you ask them and after you have asked them.  Pray thanking God for the opportunity that you have been given.

Remember, it is an act of love to share with a person how they can be saved and have eternal life.  We don’t want to try to manipulate a person, but rather offer the greatest gift in all the world…the Savior, Jesus Christ!  Why should that be so difficult?  Let’s celebrate with others what God has done for us through His salvation.  Amen!

[click here for God’s plan of salvation to use as a tool to share with others]

~Pastor Shane

Disclaimer: Pastor Shane's devotions are written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God and are never intended to be directed toward any one individual or group or any particular situation. These daily devotions are sent to thousands of subscribers through different mediums and is intended to proclaim truths from the Word of God. Thank you for taking the time to read and please continue to pray for wisdom as Pastor Shane's heart is to write in a spirit of love and to bring life application for every day living to those who are reading. ~Blessings!