When Life Isn't Fair!

From The Heart of Pastor Shane (April 16, 2019)

In the Book of Genesis there are fourteen chapters devoted to a man named Joseph.  As you read about the life of Joseph you see that he was just as ordinary as me and you.  He was a guy that had good days and bad days.  He had good times and bad times in life just like most ordinary people.  As you read through the story of Joseph’s life, you quickly realize that life for him isn’t fair.

Here is a good ole ordinary guy who is thrown into a pit and then sold to a traveling salesmen for twenty pieces of silver.  Then the story moves on to Joseph being thrown into prison by Potiphar for being falsely accused.  He goes from being sold from a pit to being stuck in a pothole to sitting in a prison.  While all this takes place we read in Genesis 39:21: “But the LORD was with him.”

If you do the math, you will see that Joseph was in prison for nearly 13 years for something that he didn’t even do.  Just like with Joseph, there are going to be times when life just doesn’t seem fair.  The story ends with Joseph being moved to Pharaoh’s palace as the Prime Minister.  The entire time we see that Joseph realized that God was with Him through his trial.  Joseph never quit praising God through storm, because he realized that God was with him the entire time that life didn’t seem fair.  We must realize that God is always with us when life isn’t fair.  If you are a believer, you must believe and know within your heart that the LORD is always with you no matter what.  Amen!

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